The repair of pumps of all types is a highly
responsible task. This is a challenge we
have faced for decades. Our customers
are multifarious and come from diverse
branches of industry, including the steel, mining, chemical and automotive industries, as well as municipalities and authorities and small-scale industry.

We carry out repairs quickly, professionally and cost-effectively.
We do not only replace parts.
Our highly motivated team will also
suggest specific improvements if
necessary to give you the best service possible. Our primary aim is to extend
the useful life and maintenance intervals
of the pumps we repair.

We can do this by:
- Using better suited materials
- Replacing shaft seals
- Converting to a glandless type

(solenoid actuator)
- Design changes to problematic details
- Using customers' suggestions

The synthesis of your expertise and our knowledge in the field of pumps and pump repairs enables us to offer you the best possible repair variant.
In cases where it would seem more cost-efficient, we would recommend the use of a new pump from our range.
Pump repair and maintenance is based on trust.

We would like to gain your trust

Give us the opportunity!
Simply contact us!

Irrespective of make,
we repair:

- Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps
of all types
- Horizontal and vertical high-pressure

- Submersible motor-driven pumps,
underwater motor-driven pumps
- Rotary pumps
- Horizontal and vertical side channel
armour-plate centrifugal pumps